Engage Youths With Promo Products That Talk To Them

Posted on March 21, 2019 9:00 AM News, General

Custom Youth Promos

Customizing promo products for youths is a great way to engage younger audiences and build brand awareness. Youth audiences typically have not developed a sense of personal style and are more likely to use promo products on a regular basis. In general, youth promos should be fun, colorful and purposeful. As a leader in the promotional products industry, we have a few favorites that really stand out with youth audiences.

Branded School Supplies

Youths spend the majority of their time at school and in the classroom. Year after year it's the one place you can predict they'll be. Investing in branded items that they can use on a daily basis is a good way to promote your brand. Some essential school items are rulers, pencil sharpeners, calculators, pencils and pens. Why not brand one of these items? They will be used often and are an effective way to brand while keeping costs to a minimum.

Drawstring Backpack

A favorite youth promo, the drawstring backpack is a cross between utility and high-visibility brand awareness. It's light, easy to carry and a practical way to carry belongings around. Branded drawstring bags can be used for school, sports and more. We have a large selection of fabrics and bright colors to choose from to stay consistent with your brand. If the audience you're targeting is in elementary or middle school, you might consider drawstring backpacks that come in fun shapes and motifs, like a sports jersey or basketball.

Fun Bracelets

Promote awareness for your brand with custom silicone bracelets. Two of our most popular options are our screen printed silicone bracelet and our slap bracelet style. They are comfortable to wear and come in endless color options. Constructed from 100% silicone, these bracelets are guaranteed not to break or tear easily and can be worn for months. Making them perfect for the active lifestyle of kids.

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