Your Medical Office's Rx: Embroidered Scrubs, Lab Coats and More

Posted on August 07, 2014 7:35 PM General, Embroidery

West Palm Beach, FL - August 7, 2014 - As our first line of defense against whatever ails you, doctors, nurses and technicians are the backbone of the healthcare industry. Aiding hundreds of patients each day, these real world superheroes deserve comfortable, fashionable and affordable medical apparel. At Fully Promoted we offer custom embroidery, screen and garment printing services for any fabric. Embroider or print your logo on medical apparel like scrubs, lab coats, performance tees and more. Always look clean-cut and professional with custom uniforms for you and your medical staff. Brain surgeon, dentist or veterinarian, your team of experts deserves to look and feel great in well-designed branded apparel. Establish your hospital or medical practice with visual branding by designing and creating custom apparel and name tags for your team. With over 30 classic brand names such as Dickie’s to choose from, your staff will proudly promote your brand in and out of the office. Your scrubs, lab coats and other professional medical apparel will have functionality and personality. Just like you specialize in dentistry or podiatry, we specialize in custom apparel and promotional products. Choose from over 800,000 promotional products, such as office supplies, to market and establish your practice. Give back to the community with employee and patient giveaways. Let friends, family and peers know you are providing the best medical care to their loved ones. Encourage dedication to excellent healthcare with customized pens, magnets, mugs and more. "The health industry provides outstanding and precise medical care every day. Unify your staff of dedicated doctors, nurses and technicians with branded medical apparel and products" said an Fully Promoted Representative. "Save time and money by contacting your local Fully Promoted Resource Center today."

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