Top Hotel Promotional Products for the Hospitality Industry

Posted on September 19, 2017 12:06 AM General, Embroidery

Top Hotel Promotional Products

With so many different hotels for travelers to choose from, make sure your hotel stands out by providing the ultimate guest experience. Customized hotel promotional products will not only play an integral part in your marketing strategy, but they will also help create memorable experiences for your guests. Here are a list of promotional products that every hotel should have. 


Offering customized umbrellas at the concierge's desk for the guests to use on rainy days is an outstanding service that many hotels may not offer. Guests will most likely return the umbrellas after using them, but if not they will provide your hotel brand exposure while they continue using the umbrellas back in their hometown.

Spa Items

After a busy day of traveling, let your guests unwind with customized spa themed lotions, soaps and toiletries. They can be given as individual samples or as a gift set in a personalized case that guests could reuse again and again.


One of the many perks of staying at a hotel are the plush robes provided in the room. The robes are a luxurious indulgence that many people don't get at home. Some hotels even have the robes available for sale. Why not brand them with your embroidered logo?


For most people, the day begins with a hot cup of coffee or tea. Stock the guestrooms with branded mugs or travel cups for their morning cup of java. Let your brand be the first thing your guests reach for in the morning.

Laundry Bags

Don't forget to brand housekeeping items such as laundry bags. Whether they are cloth bags or simple plastic bags, guests will appreciate having something to store their laundry in. Every extra touch matters, and by customizing the bags, your brand is once again represented.


Stationary and Pens

Whether your guest is staying for business or pleasure, branded stationary and pens always come in handy to write down notes or directions. Many guests may take the pens with them, but they are inexpensive items that will keep your brand in the palm of their hand.

Provide the Ultimate Hotel Experience with Promotional Products from Fully Promoted

Be sure to leave a lasting impression with your guests by utilizing unique and useful hotel promotional products. Not only will these branded items increase your exposure, but they will also have your guests talking about the remarkable service they received during their stay.

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