The Best Recipe for your Fall Promotional Marketing Strategy

Posted on October 28, 2015 1:51 PM News, General

While everyone is enjoying cool hikes under autumn trees, sipping apple cider with pumpkin bars and perfecting their latest chili recipes, businesses everywhere are revamping their fall brand strategies. One of the most important ingredients in powerful product placement is promotional giveaway. Businesses can utilize contests and promotions to increase popularity while instilling a top-of-mind awareness for their brands. Here are the top five ways companies can efficiently and effectively promote to their audiences. Social Media Whether your business has an Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account, encourage your customers to like or follow your social media pages. Your products can be a good reminder of your Internet presence as well as encouragement for your customers to represent your following. Another way to boost your brand this fall is through seasonal social media campaigns. Use your promotional items to invite customers to use a fall-inspired hashtag, or ask customers to like, share and retweet your posts with a chance to win popular seasonal promotional items such as scarves, thermos mugs and fall totes. Surveys and Sign-Ups Attract customers to your tradeshow event booth with personalized tablecloths and signs. These items can make or break a successful interaction with the audience. Other critical ingredients to brand success are quality giveaway items that will attract potential customers to your booth and do the talking for you. Your audience will be more willing to fill out an informational survey or sign up for your services if they are enticed by free items, and will be reminded of your brand from the moment they leave your booth. Charities and Causes Promote your business by lending a helping hand. Businesses can build an effective marketing strategy by using promotional products to align their brand with a seasonal charity or cause. There are many popular causes to participate in during October, including Child Health Day, Osteoporosis Day and Lung Health Day. We can help your company design promotional items to generate support for fundraising efforts while boosting your brand reputation. Follow Up Perhaps the most important ingredient in any promotional strategy is the consideration of your customers. By distributing useful, quality promotional products, your business can gain the upper hand and remain popular this fall. Make sure to involve the opinions of your customer throughout your brand strategy journey. Not only will you receive promising feedback to improve your next promotion, your clients will appreciate the effort you make to keep in touch.

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