Maximize Your Networking Efforts with Promotional Products

Posted on January 22, 2015 4:37 PM News, General

Networking makes good business sense as broadening your contact base will lead to new ideas, new opportunities and new friends. Extroverted individuals seem to thrive in networking situations. If the gift of gab is one of your strengths, networking events are fun and exhilarating. But for some, going to a social gathering with the intent to strike up conversations with strangers can elicit feelings of apprehension and procrastination. One key to breaking the ice is a clever, branded giveaway item. Are you in the construction industry? A tape measure with your name, company and phone number is useful and appreciated. Medical professional? Hand sanitizer or lenscloth with your contact info is perfect. Technology business? Try a USB drive or phone charger. Or show your sense of humor with a funny stress reliever, branded of course! Imagine how memorable you and your company will be if you give a new contact a useful, interesting gift in addition to your business card. A pen, letter opener or sticky note pad with your name, phone number and email address will allow you to stand out from the crowd. The possibilities are endless, and in fact, could replace your business card at a networking event. A smart promotional product can deliver a personal touch and keep your name in front of the recipient. With more than 800,000 items from which to choose, Fully Promoted is the go-to promotional product provider -Call us today! Our specialists can help you determine an industry-associated product and assist with designing the text and logo to make you and your business the most recognized brand in your industry. Make 2015 the year to maximize your networking efforts. If you are a business owner, arm your team with a great giveaway item. If you're part of a team, convince your employer to take a new approach to networking with promotional products. Boost your business ahead of the competition with memorable networking giveaways.

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