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Posted on February 06, 2019 12:09 AM General, Embroidery

First Impressions are Everything

Imagine walking into a five-star hotel and seeing the staff in worn-out uniforms with ratty logos. Now imagine walking into another establishment with the staff outfitted in custom hospitality apparel with crisp logos. Which makes a better impression? Make sure that your staff is always equipped with the best in hospitality apparel, and branded head to toe. Custom Hospitality Apparel and Uniforms

Finding the right uniform for your staff can be difficult. Fully Promoted is here to help your company find the right fit for your brand. From waitstaff to front-of-house, there is something for everyone. Easily customize uniforms with your brand colors and logo to ensure your staff reflects the image you want your guests to see. Looking for more than "just" uniforms? Try pairing fun vests with detailing to reflect your company, or those that can be paired with logoed shirts and neckwear. Have staff that is looking for an alternative option? Pullover knits and woven shirts are perfect for a more casual look. Embroider a logo on a variety of vests, jackets and tops for front of house staff, such as hostesses, waitstaff and managers.

Custom Chef Coats

While thinking about custom hospitality apparel, don't forget the ones who keep the restaurants and hotel kitchens moving: the chefs. The people behind the scenes are not to be forgotten and also need to have branded apparel. With a wide variety of classic chef coats in white, black or navy, there is something for every brand and kitchen. Waitstaff uniforms also come in multiple options such as long and short sleeve shirts, chino pants, aprons and more. Place an embroidered logo on the pockets or sleeves or any item for a professional look any guest or client would appreciate.

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