Leather Embroidery Sets Your Brand A Stitch Above the Rest

Posted on October 11, 2018 12:09 AM General, Embroidery

With the holiday season coming up, many companies are thinking outside the box this year when it comes to corporate gifts. Starting to think about inventive giveaways or new ways to promote your brand? Leather embroidery is an exciting way to promote your company message that more companies are starting to take advantage of.

Leather Embroidery for Auto Promotion

In the auto industry, many think of the normal promotional giveaways such as branded ice scrapers, air fresheners or magnets. Sometimes, a high-end dealership will give away logoed pressure gauges or travel mugs. Why not do something different at your company? Branded leather embroidery items such as car seat covers or wheel covers can make a statement and show customers how much their loyalty means. A well-embroidered logo or company motto stitched onto an auto safety kit will make clients feel safe on road and add an extra, personal touch to that new car as it drives off the lot.

Promote Your Brand with Leather Embroidered Giveaways

T-Shirts and tote bags are great to use for promotional giveaways, but at your next event why not try handing out leather embroidery items. Make a statement with a bold logo on a simple leather bookmark, or go a step further and embroider a company logo on a set of leather coasters. Potential clients will love the attention to detail and the distinction of how the leather embroidered items set you apart from the competition.

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