How to Stand Out at a Career Fair

Posted on April 10, 2018 12:09 AM News, General

Make an Impression at Your Next Career Fair

Career fairs provide a venue to introduce your growing company to candidates who may not have previously known about your company and its unique culture. They give you the ability to expand your company's reach when it comes to hiring the best talent. It is important to market your company at career fairs to potential employees. Here are five tips to help your company make an impression at your next career fair.

Be Social

Let attendees know you will be at the career fair via social media to get them excited and prepared to meet you. Before and during the event, post engaging content such as pictures and videos that encourages likes, retweets and sharing. Be creative by using social media tools like Boomerang, Legend and fun filters. Don't forget to utilize Snapchat to reach new talent. According to Social Examiner, approximately three-quarters of Snapchat's audience is over the age of 18, with the bulk age ranging from 18 to 34. Just as it's important and encouraged for today's talent to be well-versed in social media, employers should also have an active presence on the digital landscape.

Have an Appealing Exhibit

In order to get high quality talent to visit your booth, you need an eye-catching exhibit that gets their attention. For some job seekers, this will be their first impression of your company, so make sure your brand is well represented with custom tablecloths and signage. If possible, integrate some technology, like videos or interactive displays, to get more attention and facilitate conversations between your staff and attendees.

Professional and Knowledgeable Staff

Your staff is a big representation of your company, as new talent will be looking at them as potential co-workers. Have your staff look professional with branded apparel and name tags, and of course they must have plenty of business cards on hand. Make sure they are energetic and represent the different departments within your company.

Snacks and Refreshments

Depending on the size of the career fair, some job seekers might be walking around and talking for hours. Have branded water and snacks available to keep them refreshed and energized. Individually logoed breath mints or candies are always enticing, and your staff will be happy to have them as well.

Have Cool Swag

Make sure you are well stocked with promotional products. Everyone loves free swag, and products that are memorable, useful and relevant will resonate with your job seekers. Be sure to have a surplus of promotional products and always have them in plain view at your exhibit for attendees to grab. Even if people passing by do not pick up any other type of information besides swag, you are still leaving a lasting impression by reminding them of your brand for some time to come.

Contact EmbroidMe/Fully Promoted to Prepare for Your Next Career Fair

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