How to Organize a Food Drive

Posted on September 14, 2017 2:36 PM News, General

Lending a hand in your community to help those in-need can be done in many ways. One of the most effective methods of making a difference is by organizing a food drive. Our Fully Promoted specialists have lent a hand in executing many food drives and other beneficial community events across the country. Below are some of our top tips for organizing a successful food drive. Pick a Prime Location

Location is everything when it comes to the success of your food drive. The location will help determine who donates to the cause and the volume of goods that you may receive. Select a location where your food drive will be visible and easily accessible for passing traffic, such as grocery stores, libraries, public schools, churches and gym facilities. You may also choose to hold your food drive in conjunction with a special event to heighten the attention. Ideas for hosting a food drive with an event may include sports games, school music concerts, birthday parties, town parades, car shows and much more.

Recruit Friends and Family for the Cause

Get your friends and family involved to support a good cause. You can even turn the food drive into a team building event for corporate events, sports teams, fraternities or sororities and other college organizations.

Spread the Word

Don't be shy when getting the word out about your food drive. Such a worthy cause demands some form of marketing, which will benefit the cause by increasing the audience and general awareness of the cause. Promote the food drive by designing and distributing flyers throughout your community and sharing the food drive information online. Create a Facebook event for the food drive so you can share and track who attends the event. Take pictures of the food you are donating and share them on Instagram and Twitter to spread the word even further. Call on local community organizers, newspapers and radio stations about your food drive to increase awareness, and you can even send out email reminders about the event to your contacts. Be sure to remind everyone as the day of the food drive edges nearer and ask them to tell a friend!

Be Prepared for the Day

Show your appreciation by outfitting your volunteers in customized t-shirts for the food drive event. Volunteers dressed in promotional food drive clothing will impress donors and create a synchronized look among the group. Your volunteers will take pride in their branded t-shirts, recognizing the worthy cause and memorable event long after the food drive has ended. You can also create large cardboard signs for the food drive and post them in high visibility areas within a block or two of the drop-off location. Make sure you are equipped with enough collection boxes that are clearly marked.

Keep Paying it Forward with Fully Promoted

In the spirit of giving, Fully Promoted is hosting a "Pay it Forward" contest this fall to help support and give back to local communities. Fully Promoted can help your fundraising efforts by providing six contest winners with 100 reusable tote bags, 100 shirts and 100 water bottles that we will customize with your own logo. Our contest kicks off September 12, 2017 and ends on September 29, 2017 at midnight. Fill out our Contest Entry Form, ‘like' our contest post on social media and share it using the hashtag #payitforward. For more details on the "Pay it Forward" contest, read our full description here.

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