How to Get the Best Brand Exposure at Outdoor Events

Posted on April 23, 2018 12:09 AM News, General

Increasing Brand Awareness at Outdoor Events

The warmer weather draws people to outdoor events by the masses. Whether it's a local festival or fair, a golf tournament or a race, outdoor events are the perfect way to market your company to a wide audience. However, some events require serious planning and commitment for a successful return. To make sure your company stands out from the crowd, we recommend the following necessities to ensure the best brand exposure at an outdoor event.

Have an Appealing Exhibit

There are so many things for visitors to see and do at outdoor events, but nothing works better than an eye-catching exhibit to get their attention. A colorful tent with your company's logo makes a lasting impression and also provides some shade for your visitors. Some tents include logo-ed side walls to provide maximum brand exposure, as well as more protection from the harsh sun. Finish the look with attention-grabbing sail banners and custom tablecloths.

Be Interactive

Your exhibit doesn't have to be all show-and-tell. Draw in visitors with creative and fun games or activities that will leave a lasting impression. This can really be any type of game or activity, as long as it is relevant to your industry. You want visitors and participants to associate the activity with your brand, which will be easier to do when it is industry related. For example, if you are a massage therapist, offer a five-minute chair massage. Activities such as prize wheel, trivia game, mini putt-putt, bean-bag toss or jumbo games, such as "Jenga," also help draw a crowd.

Promotional Products

Make sure you are well stocked with promotional products. Everyone loves free swag, and products that are memorable, useful and relevant will resonate with your target audience. Distribute items that will help beat the heat such as fans, visors, insulated drinkware or koozies. Branded sunscreen is a convenient way to keep people safe in the summer sun during and after the event. Be sure to have a surplus of promotional products and always have them in plain view at your exhibit for consumers to grab. Even if people passing by do not pick up any other type of information besides swag, you are still leaving a lasting impression by reminding them of your brand for some time to come.

Contact EmbroidMe/Fully Promoted to Prepare for Your Outdoor Event

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