Greek Life: Show Off Your Letters with Custom Apparel and Products

Posted on April 18, 2014 7:18 PM News, Embroidery

Gear up for the fall recruitment season with new Greek Letters and custom Greek clothing from Fully Promoted. Deck out your entire fraternity or sorority with custom embroidery and garment printed clothing, ideal for sorority socials and frat parities. Whether its t-shirts for your sorority bake sale, or matching totes for bigs and littles, Fully Promoted can make your Greek clothing dreams a reality. Fully Promoted is much more than apparel, our wide array of promotional products will satisfy your needs for mixers and formals alike. From Greek Lettered pint glasses to flash drives- Fully Promoted can customize just about anything with your sorority or fraternitys Greek Letters. Buying a new sorority t-shirt for every event can become costly, Fully Promoted prices of greek apparel and accessories are adjusted based on the quantity ordered. At Fully Promoted , we understand that collecting money from all of your sorority sisters or frat brothers can be a pain. We make it easy to set up a store that only your frat or sorority can access. Let sisters and brothers, bigs and littles, all order their sorority t-shirts or frat hoodies at their convenience; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Still not sure if Fully Promoted is the best solution for your frat or sorority? Come in and visit an Fully Promoted Resource Center at location near you. Our on-site specialists are expertly trained and ready to serve you at Fully Promoted nationwide. The Fully Promoted team has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to patiently assist you in the selection of the perfect Greek accessories & apparel for your unique needs.

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