Get a Great Return on Your Marketing Investment With Printed T-Shirts

Posted on September 18, 2013 7:06 PM News, General

With all of the marketing choices at your disposal, it can be a challenge to figure out which one will be most effective at getting your message across. While the world has gone digital, there are some classic standby marketing techniques that stand the test of time. Promotional printed t shirts still remain one of the best ways to spread the word about your brand.

Why T-Shirts?

T-shirts are not only great advertising, they are also functional. Unlike a refrigerator magnet or a calender, a t-shirt is worn by your end user and serves a walking advertisement for your company. Not only will the wearer be exposed to your marketing message, so will everyone he comes in contact with. A t-shirt that is inexpensive to produce can spread your message of hundreds of people at the grocery store, laundromat, on a college campus and wherever that person travels.

Most people have a favorite t-shirt in their closet that they have had for years. The right t-shirt can withstand extended wear and advertise your message over long periods of time. Imagine giving out one t-shirt today and that your wearer will still be wearing five years from now. You can't beat that return on your investment.

Best Venues for Distributing Printed Tees

Many companies give out t-shirts at grand openings, company events and trade shows. You can customize your shirt to include not only your slogan or logo but also your company's web address or phone number. Give out tees at the local college and your message will be visible to thousands of students daily. Printed tees are an economical way to promote brand awareness and increase your marketing efforts.

Ordering Your Custom Printed Tees

Getting the right tee is essential to effectively promoting your company. If the text on your shirt is too small, people won't see your message from a distance. Avoid going with simply a logo unless your brand is a instantly recognizable or a household name. Choose your colors wisely, making sure that your ideas on paper will translate well on a printed shirt.

If you need assistance in designing your printed tees, the on-site specialists at Fully Promoted can help you to design the perfect shirt. With a network of entrepreneurs across the country, there is an Fully Promoted near you. Locate an Fully Promoted resource center and get started on your printed t-shirts project today.

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