Fitness Promotional Products Every Health Center Needs

Posted on December 20, 2017 12:05 AM News, General

Fitness Promotional Products Every Health Center Needs

Losing weight and getting healthy are goals found at the top of most people's lists of New Year resolutions. Consequently, fitness center memberships tend to spike around January 1st and you need to make sure your gym is doing everything possible to encourage a healthy lifestyle for current and prospective members. As a fitness center or health coach, you want to make sure you're ready to make any new member a happy and loyal ambassador of your services. Offering or selling customized fitness promotional products offers an avenue for gaining the attention of your community while instilling pride in members and keep them coming back for their workouts. To get your fitness center ready for an influx of resolution-seeking clients and increase memberships in the long term, customize these fitness promotional products below for your own brand.

Gym Bags

The on-the-go client who's running to an exercise class after work or fitting in a quick training session in between errands will greatly benefit from a branded gym bag. A promotional gym bag is practical and useful as clients do not have to go through the inconvenience of going home before hitting the gym. This organization allows clients to better plan, prepare and keep striving to achieve their fitness goals.

Performance Hats

Push clients to stay in the zone while working out by wearing customized performance hats. Whether it's to shade their face while running outside or keep their hair under control, hats are a staple in every fitness junkie's closet. Many people are better able to focus on their workouts while wearing performance hats as it can give them tunnel vision and blocks out some of the commotion around them. Performance hats with your fitness center's logo are also well-suited for days at the beach, golf course, kayaking or other outdoor activities. This fitness promotional product will allow your company to be seen wherever your clients may go.

Training Journal

Those who write down their goals are far more likely to achieve them, and that fact holds true when it comes to getting in shape. Logging the specific exercises, weights and time spent training will hold your health club members accountable and provide a record of their progress. Training journals provide a path to success by showing which routines worked and what needs to be adjusted. This fitness promotional product also allows your gym's health coaches to better understand the clients' fitness level and modify their workouts for better results.

Water Bottles

Water bottles and drinkware are affordable fitness promotional products that will get you the most bang for your buck. Staying hydrated is key to a good workout, and providing promotional water bottles reminds clients to continue drinking water before, during and after training as the body cannot perform its best if dehydrated. Water bottles are not only carried in the gym, but they also allow your brand to be seen at community and sporting events, concerts, festivals and in the workplace.

Workout Apparel

Workout gear that's functional and flattering will compliment your clients' fitness program while promoting your company. Your fitness center clients will be proud to wear high-quality branded workout attire, such as shorts and tank tops with sweat-wicking fabrics, that are designed for performance and comfort. Go one step further and customize workout apparel for a specific fitness class your health center provides. For example, give your indoor spin class attendees a branded headband to make them feel like a united team and keep returning to cycle class.

Customized Ear Buds and Headphones

Good, energizing music can be a huge motivating factor when working out, and it can raise the intensity of the training. Give your fitness center clients customized earbuds or headphones so they can plug in and power through their next workout to the tune of their own favorite playlist. Music can be a distraction when exercises get especially difficult and can give people a good beat to keep pace with when doing cardio training.

Empower Your Gym with Fitness Promotional Products

Fitness promotional products can be a powerful tool for health clubs and personal trainers, and are easily customized with the help of your local Fully Promoted resource center. Fully Promoted is the world's largest promotional products franchise, with hundreds of locations across the United States, Canada and Australia. Our specialists understand what customizable fitness promotional products keep clients moving and motivated to return to your gym. Fully Promoted offers a wide variety of activewear, hats, journals, bags and other fitness promotional products to help spread your brand message. Don't sit back and let business walk by your fitness center.

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