Employee Jackets, Vests and Outerwear Embroidered with Your Company Logo

Posted on December 19, 2018 12:09 AM News, General, Embroidery

Keep Your Employees Warm this Winter

Many companies have employees that work outside, are in and out of the elements or work in a constantly cold environment. Help equip these employees with jackets, gloves or beanies embroidered with your company logo. Whether your employee is stationed outside all day, travels to and from varying work sites or is stocking the frozen foods section at a grocery store, logoed jackets, gloves or beanies will show off your company. Fully Promoted can personalize many types of outdoor apparel to make your employees stand out and to promote your business.

Invest in Vests

Fully Promoted can provide knit, fleece, weatherproof and reflective vests to accommodate all of your employees. Let your indoor workers accessorize with an attractive lightweight knit or fleece vest with your logo proudly displayed. You can be more practical with your outdoor workers by providing heavier insulated vests that they can stay in when they start shedding layers during the day.

Wear All Types of Hats

During the winter months, everyone wears a hat now and then. From knit classics and beanies to bump caps with ear flaps, have your employee keep warm and promote your company with logoed hats. Knit beanies, with or without pom-poms, are always in style and will advertise your company while being worn all days of the week. Keep warm and styled with bump caps with ear protection for your outdoor workers subjected to low ceilings or bump hazards.

The Gloves Complete any Outfit

One cannot survive the winter without gloves. Even in southern areas of the country, it gets cold enough to occasionally break out the gloves. Let your employees advertise your company all season long with gloves embroidered with your logo. Your employees will be advertising your company with a simple gesture of holding a door open or pushing an elevator button. People wear gloves all week, weekends and holidays, so your logo will be on display during shopping, sporting events and other after-hour events.

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