Fully Promoted Overland Park Featured in Kansas City Star

Posted on June 14, 2016 2:42 PM News, General

Jeff Moffett's embroidery and promotional marketing business, Fully Promoted of Overland Park located at 7512 W 119th St, provides services from the business Entrepreneur Magazine named top in its industry to customers in Overland Park and Leawood. A husband and father of two, Moffett is bringing managerial experience combined with a creative side that, he says, will provide service with a personal touch. Moffett opened the business with plans to grow it to a point where he can pass it on to their children when they are ready. For 24 years, Moffett worked for Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Services as a project manager. His career beginning when the personal computer industry was still in its infancy and carrying him through its mainstream proliferation, Moffett has a great deal of experience with how the right branding can grow a business. This, he said, is what drew him to Fully Promoted. "The products make people smile," said Moffett. "When you create a custom product for someone, there's a greater appreciation for that product because it was made just for you. There's such a strong demand for what we sell. Every business needs promotional products and logoed merchandise to create brand awareness, and we will be the ones to customize those items for them." Recognizing the value of personalization, Moffett is also aware of how Fully Promoted will provide a unique service to businesses. "In this industry, the competition is primarily small home-based businesses or giant corporations located two states away," said Moffett. "Fully Promoted fills a void in the middle by providing a local storefront for customers to see and touch a product before buying. We're also detail-oriented perfectionists, so customers can rest assured that we’ll provide a quality product that they’ll love." But Moffett's interest in bringing a personalized touch to the business extends beyond the services he provides. With plans for wife Erin Moffett to soon join the business, Jeff Moffett says he aims to make his Fully Promoted a family affair. "Erin's background is in sales and I'm an operations guy, so I think we'll make a great team," said Moffett. "With an 8-year-old son and 11-month-old daughter, it's important that we build something that our kids can one day take over. Our son is already talking about working in the store so he can make shirts for his friends."

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