Fully Promoted Streamlines Your Ordering Process with Company Stores

Posted on March 18, 2019 9:00 AM News, General

Fully Promoted Streamlines Your Process with Company Stores

Fully Promoted offers company stores to assist your customers' ordering process. Our online ordering streamlines the ordering process for corporate wear, uniforms, embroidered items or event items that need to be ordered in large volumes. We are not just an embroidery store, we provide many custom products that are perfect for branding, giveaways, events and more. Visit your local Fully Promoted to see if they offer a company store for convenient online ordering. 

Corporate Wear Ordered in Minutes

Our online company store is perfect for ordering corporate wear. If you have a company event planned or need new corporate wear to enhance the new changes within your organization, setting up a company store may be exactly what you need to improve the customer ordering process. Fully Promoted can setup a company store so employees can go online and simply order the style and sizes needed without leaving their desk, saving valuable time and money. The company store allows customers to preview their orders before completing a transaction, allowing time to double check sizes and within a click of a button an order can be processed.

Uniforms in a Snap

School and medical uniforms can be ordered by parents and staff with our simple online process in a snap. Driving to an embroidery store can take time, and if your customer already has an idea of what they want then they can just click and ship using your company store. An account can be set up for multiple orders or you can check out as a guest. The process is simple, all it takes to place an order in your store is a billing address, a shipping address and a payment method. It's as easy as that. An online store streamlines the ordering process for your customers allowing them to place multiple orders at their convenience.

Event Items that Make 
a Statement

If your customers are planning a large event and are looking for an embroidery store, then Fully Promoted will have what you need. Our products can be customized for large events such as corporate picnics, large family reunions, team events and more. However, we don't just do embroidery, we can customize almost any product you need to make your large event successful and fun. We customize products for giveaways and baskets. Everything can be set up in an online company store.

We're Always Ready When You Are

If your customers are planning to order but are not quite ready, our company store has a wishlist feature that can conveniently save the items they would like to order in the future. This is a great feature for businesses that need to plan for seasonal items or to let others view items they would like to purchase. It's a feature we added to let you know that we are always ready when you are.

Contact us at Fully Promoted

Contact our specialists today! Our local experts provide not only the products and service that businesses need, but the solutions and ideas to help get more customers. For a lasting impression, visit your local Fully Promoted resource center.

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