Capitalize on Hallmark Holidays with Embroidered Gifts featuring EmbroidMe Embroidery

Posted on February 03, 2017 8:48 PM General, Embroidery

Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, April Fools' Day and Earth Day. They may not be sanctioned by Congress, but these unofficial American holidays do not go uncelebrated. Typically, we express our gratitude for those around us during the holidays with gift giving. Yet we can also show kindness and tokens of appreciation during these "hidden" holidays. Businesses can embrace the gift-giving tradition by customizing unique gifts tailored to their company for a sense of cheer throughout the year. Customize Your Calendar with Embroidered Gifts All Year

Creative, tasteful and thoughtful gifts go the extra mile in personal and business relationships. Presenting gifts during nationally recognized and hallmark holidays can be a way to show your clients that you are always thinking of them. These tokens will strengthen your relationship in the long run, and relevant products with your company's logo will be a constant reminder of your brand. Custom coffee mugs, briefcases, plaques and mouse pads are a fun and witty way to keep in touch during Labor Day and Presidents' Day. On International Women's Day, show appreciation to your female employees with thoughtful EmbroidMe embroidered gifts such as umbrellas, pillows and phone chargers.

Holidays Switch Up The Day-to-Day Business

Even though your employees have to work during these days, you can still add some spice to the corporate schedule by gifting during some fun holidays. Embroidered gifts can make your employees and clients smile when presented on days like Pi Day (March 14th for 3.14) or Star Wars Day (on May 4th for the famed "may the force be with you" quote). Your staff will feel even more festive for their Mardi Gras celebration paired with customized party products such as LED bracelets, flashing buttons or glow rings. Even International Day of Peace (September 21st) can be accompanied by a token of gratitude.

No Matter What Holiday, Fully Promoted is Here to Help You Celebrate

A leader in premium promotional products and custom embroidery, Fully Promoted provides a variety of high quality options that are customizable for any company. Fully Promoted specialists are here to help when it comes to picking the right gifts to embroider for friends, family, co-workers and clients. Originally known as EmbroidMe we are the world's largest promotional products franchise, Fully Promoted has over 300 resource centers throughout the United States, Canada and Australia to help organizations leave a meaningful impact through better marketing solutions.

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