Fun Promotional Giveaways for your New Year’s Eve Party

Posted on November 02, 2018 12:09 AM News, General

Bring the Swag

Everyone loves a party but there is nothing like the excitement of a New Year's Eve party! Have your business bring the swag to the party by having a promotional giveaway. A promotional giveaway is a great marketing strategy for any business to gain potential leads and gain brand awareness.

Instill Excitement

It is a New Year's Eve party after all so along with the swag you need to create excitement. There are several ways to engage your guests in your promotional giveaway. Many popular companies use "gamification" (game-like foundations for marketing and business strategies) in promotional giveaways. It is also exciting, especially on New Year's Eve, to create a live video of the celebration and of the promotional giveaway your company is partaking in. A live video creates excitement for New Year's Eve and not only engages guests, but also encourages more sign-ups and assists with any questions. Promotional giveaways can be very exciting but make sure that they are also professional and align with your company's goals. Don't forget about the New Year's Eve countdown. It can be helpful to have the giveaway at end of the party. This produces a sense of urgency and gets your guests to take action, generating leads in the process of the fun. A New Year's countdown timer can end of the promotional giveaway.

Promotional Giveaway Items

Everyone likes overcoming the competition and winning something. There are many items that you can give away and the bigger the better. The higher perceived value of an item, the more the competition you will have, and the more successful your promotional giveaway will be. High-value items, such as a vacation, would be a huge hit at a New Year's Eve party; however, other items, such as gift cards, vouchers, products, company or venue event tickets and other promotional items, are also exciting and will engage your guests. Having a New Year's Eve party and a promotional giveaway together is a great way to gain potential leads, build brand awareness and have fun at the same time. Make sure the giveaway aligns with company goals and engages your guests to compete for valuable items. This combination can make for a successful event.

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