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What is your turn around time?

At fully promoted Westminster, our typical turn around time is 10-12 Business days however during Christmas and new year time it can go upto 15 business days. Generally for screen printing, direct to garment printing and embroidery on apparel, we first have to order right type of clothing (based on customer requirement)  which can take 2-5 business days to come as most of the vendors are out of state. Our printing/embroidery production can then take further few days depending upon the overal load queue. 

Is there a Minimum?

Yes we have minimum in printing, embroidery and promotional products.

  • Minimum for screen printing: 12
  • Minimum for Direct to Garment (DTG): 5
  • Minimum for Embroidery: 5
  • Minimum for Promotional Products such as Pens, Travel Mugs, Tumblers, Bags, etc: This really depends on the product. Minimum can range from 12 to over 100. 

Our minimums can change anytime, so please contact us to hear our latest policies.

Why you have Minimums?

Except for occasional left overs or samples, we don’t keep inventory as requirements change from customer to customer. For blank garments, small quantity have higher cost of shipping. For screen printing there is a high cost of setup and labor. Small quantity is not profitable. For embroidery, we use multi head commercial embroidery machines which embroider same design onto 6-12 garments at the same time. This is done to reduce overall initial setup and production time and effort. For all these reasons, a smaller quantity will have very high cost. We are suitable for businesses with several employees or businesses who wants to create a promotional product for several clients. 

What kind of file do you need for logo?

A typical jpeg or png file taken with a mobile camera is not going to show good results unless they are created in a high resolution. Additionally printing and embroidery equipment needs a high definition art file that can be mostly in a vector format. 

A vector format stores image information in simple shapes using mathematical formulas as opposed to pixels. Vector art is typically created by graphics designers using softwares such as Adobe Illustrator. File extension of such files are *.ai or *.esp or *.svg

Next better option after vector art is a file stored with *.psd. This is an Adobe Photoshop file.  Generally these are good too however depending upon what configuration was used while creating these files, these might or might be a good option.

so if you have a photo of your logo and want to convert this into an art, please talk to us. We are graphics designers and can help you create an art of your choice. 

Do Fully Promoted Westminster create logo or do graphics design?

Yes. We can create your logo based on your requirements or generate an art based on an image you provide. The cost off course depends upon the amount of work involved. Even a simple logo might involve several back and forth iterations  which increases the total time spent. We know that a logo is so important and you care about this a lot and we want to help you have the best one. 

Can I bring in my own items to get decorated?

Generally we don’t encourage bringing your items for decoration. There are always human errors on printing and embroidery. There can also be some damages due to the equipment. We do our best to minimize them but things happen. If a logo print or embroidery production doesn’t meet our standards, we can re-purchase same garment ourselves and redo the logo. However if garment was originally provided by our customer then we have to ask customer to provide a new one. For this reason we generally avoid taking customer items however if we take, we request customers to sign a liability form to make them aware that there are small chances of damage to garments.

Can i get it by the end of the week / tomorrow?

Our typical turnaround time is 10-12 Business days however during Christmas it can go up to 15 business days. Generally for printing and embroidery on an apparel, we first have to order right type of clothing (based on customer requirements)  which can take 2-5 business days to come as most of the vendors are out of state. Our printing/embroidery can then take further few days depending upon the load.

How much is it to embroider a name?

We don’t embroider names if same name does'nt meet our Minimum requirements. 

Mission of Fully Promoted Westminster is to help local businesses in Denver and surrounding towns (Westminster, Broomfield, Thornton, Arvada, Lakewood, Aurora, Brighton, Boulder etc.) to promote their name with branded clothing and promotional products. For this reason, our policies are suitable for businesses, teams and organizations and not for one off individuals. Unfortunately we are not right fit if you want to embroider or print a name or picture of someone you love. We are very sorry if your expectation was different. 

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