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embroidery vs screen printing

Fully Promoted Westminster is North Denver's premier custom embroidery and screen printing shop. We are frequently asked by the customers about which custom logo technique is good for their uniform.

This article covers

  1. Advantages of Embroidery over Screen printing
  2. Disadvantages of Embroidery over Screen printing
  3. A summary and details of the above will be given along with screen printing and embroidery prices in Denver and North Denver metro area

For printing though there are many methods nowadays. At fully promoted Westminster, we do Screen printing (Silkscreen), Direct to Garment, vinyl, white toner (digital HeatFx) pas well as sublimation printing. Many of these methods are digital and are newer. The form of apparel printing known to the public for many centuries is through screen printing. So in this article, we are going to give the comparison of custom embroidery with custom Screen Printing.

Keep in mind that, embroidery or printing itself as techniques are not everything. The recipe of the printing & embroidery and the expertise of the person running the equipment is super important. While mentioning the advantages and disadvantages, we assume that you have done it from a place that has years of track record and not experimenting on your uniform.

Check out some embroidered and printed clothing in Fully Promoted Westminster's showroom. We have been running this business for over 16 years.  Any apparel can be customized however some common custom apparel used are T-Shirts, Polos Hats, Sweatshirts, Jackets, Beanies,  and Scrubs, etc.

Here are the major advantages of Embroidery over screen printing

  1. 3-D feel
  2. More Durable
  3. Cost-effective for multi-color logo
  4. Lower minimum order

 These are the main disadvantages of Embroidery vs screen (silk) printing

  1. Not suitable for lightweight fabric
  2. Higher cost for a larger order
  3. More expensive for bigger size logos
  4. Higher first-time setup fee

If you haven't understood the summary and have a few minutes to understand the details, below is a little deeper dive into each of the above.


Details of Advantages:

3D feel: This is very obvious as additional threads are stitched together on top of existing apparel fabric. A good embroidered logo definitely gives a better look and feel as you have a glance at it or feel it.

More Durable: Since embroidery has already colored threads wrapped and stitched, you wouldn’t see fading or cracking that can happen on any printed logo. For screen print, it's ink that is attached to the top of the fabric. During the process the is pressed onto the fabric at a very high temperature. Depending on how often you wash or what temperature you set, any printed fabric will eventually face and crack - some sooner, some later. You wouldn’t see this on embroidery.

Cost-effective for multi-color logo: For screen printing, we have to create separate screens for each color. This is a time-consuming job so the screen printer is going to charge you a one-time setup cost for each color screen. A logo with 3 or more logos can become expensive. Typical screenprint setup costs can range from 30-60. Cheaper does not mean better, trust me!! A typical multi-stitch and multi-color commercial embroidery machine can take up to 15 colors without any additional cost for different colors.

Lower Min Order: This can vary from shop to shop. At Fully Promoted Westminster, our minimum of screen printing is 12. For embroidery, we can take 5 or less. However keep in mind that within embroidery, the cost of embroidery per piece will be higher for 2 versus 5 or 10.

Explanation of Disadvantages:

Not suitable for lightweight fabric: In embroidery, an additional thread is wrapped and stitched around the clothing fabric. If the thread of the fabric itself is very thin and lightweight, it will make the embroidered logo drip a bit.  For this reason, heavy and expensive clothing is typically treated in embroidery.

Higher cost for larger order: Screen printing (if you ignore higher setup cost very first time), is generally cheaper. A single color print might cost you $1-3 for say minimum of 12 or 24 pieces of apparel. The minimum number though is very shop-specific. For embroidery, a smaller logo that goes to the left chest (pocket place) can cost you $4-6 per piece even on a large order.

Higher cost for bigger logo: Embroidery cost is measured in terms of stitch count. A bigger and more dense logo can have a very high stitch count. Typically a smaller left chest logo is up to 5000 stitch s count. Prices beyond that tend to double per piece.

Higher setup fee: If you have never embroidered your logo before, the first thing an embroider needs to do is to use software to create a special format file digitized file. The license for this type of software is very expensive. Most often this is outsourced to companies that specialize in digitization. Cost can vary as it depends on the cost of the software as well as the expertise of the digitizer - it can range from $30-60. This was just a software fee. Embroidery is going to use only a certain number of colors. Unlike printing, you can't produce unlimited shades of a given color. Whatever color you feed to the embroidery machine on a given needle, the same color will come to the apparel. At fully Promoted Westminster, the very first time we create a sample for you to review and make sure all colors are of the right shades. This can generally create several iterations. We might even take 2-3 sample embroidery before we customer is satisfied and we start volume production. Considering these factors, our initial (the very first time) cost is $95 or higher. For screen printing, there is a screen setup charge but not a digitization and sample generation cost.

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