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Why high ranking in search results? An Example

Let us understand with an example 

Let us say you are looking for some landscape work in your backyard. You want to know what landscape companies are in your area? So you type “landscape companies in Westminster, CO”. There are many companies but only about 10 websites will be listed on the first page of the google search.

Most likely you are only going to click on the first few to do some comparison and make up your mind. You might go to the second page of search results but the chances of you scrolling beyond the second page are very slim.

If you own a landscape company, you like your website to appear on the first page. This is typically done through the appropriate use of high-ranking keywords in your website, a technique known as SEO - Search Engine Optimization. Fully Promoted Westminster can assess your website's SEO health as well as help you obtain and use high-ranking keywords to give your website a higher spot in the search results.

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