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how to find high ranking keywords

By now you have understood that for your website's higher ranking in the search results is important. This means you need to appear on the first or second page of the results. You also know that using the right keywords in the content of the website is what google is predominantly going to use for better ranking. The next question is where to get the right list of keywords to use? The answer is : Fully Promoted Westminster :-)

We can create that list in three ways

  1. For various possible search keywords (that you can think of for your business), we can tell you what is the average search volume and competition level (an explanation of the two terms will come later)
  2. We can use your existing website to know what keywords the website is currently ranked higher (or lower)
  3. We can use one of your competitor's websites - that is currently ranked better, to gather data on what keywords they are ranked higher. Since you want to beat your customer, then why not optimize your website content like similar to they did (of course using your own content material)
  • Keyword's Volume: it is the average number of monthly searches of a keyword across google. You like to use a keyword that has decent monthly searches. Keep in mind that typically a higher volume might have a higher competition level. 
  • Keyword competition: Paid advertisements on google use PPC or pay per click method. In this method, certain keywords are provided to google ads. If a keyword is in high demand from multiple advertisers, then google is going to charge you a higher dollar amount for each click. so ideally you like to focus on low competition keywords that have decent search volume. 

We highly recommend method #3 above as this is easier, quicker, and the most reliable. You might already know your major competition or you can find out by searching for a typical keyword in google search results. Typically any websites appearing on the first page are a good starting point. We can generate keyword reports for various competitors and provide you high ranking keywords.


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