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Google My Business for local businesses

For local businesses with local addresses such as local restaurants, landscapes, painting, flooring, etc 'Google My Business' (abbreviated as GMB) page listing is very important. If someone searches a 'landscape company near me', Google is going to provide a list of 3 relevant GMBs. Right after this section, a regular listing of websites comes. A GMB listing provides Google reviews, distance to the local businesses, website address, phone numbers, and address. 

The creation of the google my business page is simple. It's done free of charge using your Google email account. You have to provide a phone number along with the address. It's very important for google to be able to locate your address. If google finds something suspicious, they are going to mail you a verification code. 

You must be wondering how your business can get higher ranking on GMB listings (the ones at the top of the page). In our experience below factors are the most important

  • Having a consistent Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) for your business across the website and other platforms (including GMB) is very important for better ranking. 
  • Among the other factors critical for better ranking are the number of google reviews, your responses to google reviews, regular posts, engagement to those posts, and shared photos. 

Keep in mind that GMB is highly optimized for location relevancy. Google gives high importance to the closer businesses relative to the location of the potential client searching. For example, if someone is looking for landscape companies near Westminster, CO, and your business is located in Downtown Denver. Even when your GMB has fantastic reviews, consistent NAP, and other factors, Google is going to give local landscape listings in Westminster, CO a much higher priority. For this reason, this type of search engine optimization is called local SEO. 

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