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When a potential client (looking for a product or service) types something in the google search results, different websites are going to appear on the first page - typically around 10 listings. At the bottom of the search page, you can click for the second, third, and so on pages. Rarely a client goes beyond the first or second page. Therefore it is important that your business website appears on the first page.

You must be thinking about how google decides what web pages to put where. Google algorithms or bots scan millions of websites to determine which ones have information that best matches to the text in the search field (also called search keywords or search terms).  Relevancy of the information is the only criteria however this is one of the dominant ones and has the most impact.

If you know what search terms are most common that your potential clients could use, you can write the content for your website with the appropriate usage frequency of those words. Google algorithms try to mimic the real human behaviors therefore the language of the content has to be appropriate and natural. Unnecessary usage of over-repetitive usage of keywords is actually going to damage your ranking. 

In the next article, we are going to explain how we can help you get the right keyword set for your website. 

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