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Getting found is key!

The first and foremost step in marketing is to make others know that you exist. If no one knows about you; how are they going to benefit from the awesome services or products you offer? You need to get the word out to your potential customers. You need to be innovative and persistent with how you promote your brand, as many other businesses and organizations like yours are trying to do the same.

Brand awareness is a must! How Can Fully Promoted Westminster help you

Fully Promoted Westminster is a marketing company with the single goal of promoting your brand, and making it noticeable and found by new prospects or even a reminder to existing clients. A brand can be a message, picture, colors, text, or combination of all this. This is typically known as Logo or tagline etc. 

As the brand owner, your goal is to increase the visibility of your business name so that potential customers see it and start engaging with it. An engagement can be a call, text, email, or it could even be a visit to your website.  The job of Fully Promoted is to help you with this first phase of marketing - getting noticed.  We can do this in 2 ways

1. Brand awareness through Promotional Products

You can create branded apparel and promotional products. These products are given to your employees as well as to new and existing clients as free giveaways, Do not underestimate the importance of using your employees as a brand awareness tool. A commonly used product, with your brand printed, embroidered or laser engraved on it is seen by many. Recent research shows that 89% of the people given a promotional product actually remember the name of the brand for a long time. Your brand creates a stronger and long-lasting engagement with other humans to act as a ‘mobile awareness platform’. You receive many impressions as others see the brand on a product and eventually, you will get a 'physical click' to your store or a call or email. 

2. Brand awareness through SEO - Search Engine Optimization

The other approach to brand awareness is to bring more attention to your website, which is your virtual store. Your website then needs to have all the required information in a way to make the client engage with it.  You can attract more clients to your website through an effective technique known as ‘Search Engine Optimization (SEO)’. In today's world when someone is looking for a product or service, the first place they go to is a search engine website such as Google. After the query is typed and the search button is hit, a number of websites appear on the first page of the Search Engine Results (SER). You want your website to rank higher or in other words appear above your competition in SER. Appearing on the first page of SER is going to tremendously increase the chances of someone clicking on your website. This is where Fully Promoted Westminster can help you.  

Creating content with the right keywords

We can provide you reports showing the queries that you or your competitors are ranking higher. From the comparison with your competition, you can focus on the queries or keywords where your website is currently not ranking higher. Using those keywords effectively in your website content will considerably increase the chances of your website appearing higher in SER. We can teach you how to use these keywords properly and how to track your website traffic. Learning how to attract traffic organically (without paid advertisement) should be the long-term goal of your digital marketing. The content that is well optimized for higher ranking is going to stay and keep getting higher traffic for you. SEO marketing, therefore, becomes a passive method eventually. You can work on this from anywhere in the world as long as you have a device and internet to access your website. You can send those keywords to who looks after your website. 

Both of the above-mentioned methods allow you to stay on top of your marketing by bringing more physical and virtual traffic to your physical and virtual location. 

Digital Marketing Services Fully Promoted Westminster offers

  1. Provide you a list of all the keywords (search queries) that brings your Website in a google search - along with the total number of site visits the website is getting on average every month [COST only $19.99]
    1. In digital marketing, keywords are the intersection of you and your potential customers. You can target keywords by writing content on your website or through an advertising budget on Google Ads. But before you can bring in any traffic from the search, you need to decide which search terms are worth targeting. This is where keyword research becomes so important.
  2. Provide you a list of all the keywords (search queries) that brings your Competitor website in a google search - along with the total number of site visits the website is getting on average every month [COST only 19.99]
    1.  If you know who your biggest competitors are, you can gather insights into what they do well and build your own strategy to outperform their ranking in google when your potential client searches certain keywords. If you know what keywords/search queries are generating more traffic for your competition, you can create appropriate content with those keywords on your website. This will greatly help you bring gradually pull more and more traffic to your website. 
  3. Website technical SEO Audit [Cost only 24.99 - followed by an optional paid consultation session for review] 
    1. Technical SEO errors can hold back your site and negatively impact rankings, overall visibility, and conversions. To identify and fix such issues quickly, use Fully Promoted Site Audit Report. It crawls a domain and creates a report to show where there are potential problems and suggests recommendations on how to improve your website’s technical health. Site Audit offers a range of thematic reports covering crawlability, HTTPS, site performance, Core Web Vitals and more.

Download a sample SEO Report

 Click Here to get a sample report that we can generate for your own website or for your competitor. As mentioned earlier, understanding how your competition is doing is equally important and can give you a good insight into where you are behind. Understanding the report is important to optimize your website for improving your ranking or in other words your chances of getting found better when someone searches on google. 

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