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Customized Promotional products with your logo, are a very effective and well-known method of promoting your brand. Everyone gets their head around this. There is a product with your logo printed or embroidered. You give this product to your employees, existing clients, and potential new clients as a way of spreading your brand. No marketing approach is going to give you overnight results. it takes some time. Fully Promoted Westminster strongly suggests understanding the digital marketing needs of today. This is an area where still many local, small to medium businesses are not exploring fully. It is very trendy however not many people understand the true concepts underneath. 

Peter Brissette is a well-known local digital marketer in Denver/Westminster area. We strongly recommend other business owners to attend this seminar to explore other ways to market their brand. Westminster business can avail scholarship on this. Below are the details taken from Denver North Metro SBDC website. 

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Course Overview:

A strong digital marketing plan may be one of the most important aspects of your business in 2022. Are you getting the most out of your website? Is your business growing from referrals and reviews? Is your content and strategy mapped out? These concepts and more will be covered in the 6-week Digital Marketing Boot Camp sponsored by the City of Westminster. Join Peter Brissette, Digital Marketing Dude CEO and SBDC Marketing Consultant, to learn marketing principals, gain new skills, strategize for your own business, and walk away with a finished Marketing Action Plan. This course is free to qualifying Westminster businesses thanks to a generous sponsorship from the City of Westminster.

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Course Outline:

The key areas this course covers are:
 – Strategy
 – Website
 – Content
 – Social Media
 – Reviews and Referrals
 – Email Marketing
The course culminates with your individual MAP – Marketing Action Plan, your roadmap for the next 12 months of digital marketing.
 Session Topics:
Session 1
February 8, 2022
Digital marketing strategy. Learn about the four pillars of marketing strategy: people, problem, process, and passion/personality. Develop a clear marketing strategy to match your message with the right market for your business.
Session 2
February 15, 2022
Website key factors, critical content, SEO, and web tools. Examine what actions your website drives customers to perform and what information you need to highlight about your business offerings. Learn about how “proof” will boost customer confidence, and how to measure your website’s effectiveness.
Session 3
February 22, 2022
Creating content that is behavioral, essential, strategic, and targeted. How does your content build trust? Email marketing including segmented lists, newsletter, autoresponders, and other tools. What key results should you get from email marketing?
Session 4
March 1, 2022
Social media fundamentals. Which sites should your business be on and how often should you post? What tools can you use to simplify posting across multiple platforms? What sites are your target market using most, and how can you measure your results on social media?
Session 5
March 8, 2022
Reviews, referrals, and local citations. Creating links and invitations to your key review sites. How to respond to negative reviews, and positive reviews. Repurposing reviews for content. Tracking and updating citations.
Session 6
March 15, 2022
Final session. Present and critique your new MAP: the Marketing Action Plan for your business and the next 12 months of digital marketing that will put you and your business at the front of the pack.

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