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Custom T-Shirt Printing

Whether you like to have a '1' or '1000' custom T-Shirts, Fully Promoted Westminster can help you with your needs. We can print for a special occasion with any text, design, or picture of your choice. We have been providing customized apparel (print and embroidery) and promotional products to clients in and around Westminster, CO for over 16 years.  

Ordering more than '5' Custom T-Shirts

Traditionally we have dealt with orders of a minimum of 5-10 shirts only. This was due to the higher setup effort for screen printing as well as keeping a certain amount of inventory for colors & sizes in hand. Since each order is very customized, we only order garments that meet the demands of our clients. Ordering in larger quantities is good for the clients as printing of a single item will cost much less.  The larger quantity is perfect for businesses with several employees or if a business likes to give away free garments to new or existing clients through a trade show or through any other marketing activity. For larger quantities please call our office or fill out an online contact form. 

Ordering '5' or fewer T-Shirts

Many clients reach us only one or two T-shirts. They might need it for an event or maybe it's a one-employee business. Besides screen printing, we have started using other printing methods that make printing in small quantities possible. These methods produce higher quality T-Shirt prints. Take a look at the below picture which shows different t-shirts printed with the DTG method. We are currently offering only 'white' and 'black' Tshirts (to keep the inventory overhead lower). 

Custom White T-Shirts

We can print any color on a white T-shirt. It can even be a picture of a dog or a human. You can customize the front chest of the T-shirt or the back. All you have to do is go to the link below, select the right sizes and quantities. Once you have paid, send us the image or art or any other text (in the right Font and size) to this email rashid.iqbal@fullypromoted.com. Please also email us any relevant instructions for printing.

After you finalize it through email, we will print the shirt in a few hours and mail it to you the next day. Please keep in mind that fewer than 5 shirts are ordered online and will only be mailed to you. You can give our shop address but you still have to pay for the shipment to the shop. 


Custom Black T-shirts

On Black T-shirts, currently, we are not printing photos. We can only print your business logo or any text in any color. No color limits. After selecting size and quantity, please email us (rashid.iqbal@fullypromoted.com) instructions as well as what text or design you like to print. After you clarify this, we will print your shirt and mail it to you the next day. Similar to white T-shirts, you can give our shop address in Westminster however you still have to pay for the shipment. 


IMPORTANT NOTE for Photos or Art

The print can be as good as the picture or design itself. If picture quality is not of a high resolution, the print might come pixelated. 



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