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Cost of Custom Printing and Embroidery

Fully Promoted Westminster, is Denver's premier promotional products store. We understand that logo of a business is a very valuable asset. Sometimes even looking at a color or sign, you can understand the company and its entire culture. Products that are distributed to employees and clients with logos imprinted or embroidered is powerful branding technique at a reasonable cost. This is why it is the choice of marketing for all kinds of businesses - small or big. Think of the cost of an advertisement on radio, TV, or newspaper. In comparison think of a cost of a T-Shirt, pen, or tumbler that you use yourself or giveaway to your employees or clients. Some of those products stay with that person for a long time. 

The purpose of this article is to give you an idea of some prices for custom printing and embroidery on clothing as well as some other promotional products. There are just so many products we sell that it is not possible to give you the price of everything. Even within a product, so many variants exist. Besides that, your logo might have very different colors and you might want to imprint with different sizes too so there is no single price that fits all. If you want to look at different products we sell, https://shop.fullypromoted.com/Westminster-CO is the best place. This website however sometimes does not have the correct setup costs, minimums, and shipping costs mentioned due to some technical challenges. However, Fully Promoted Westminster is a store in Westminster, CO with employees who can work with you from concept to final product. If there is any issue or problem with any product, we will work to have it delivered in the condition we promised. This is what differentiates us from many online-only promotional stores. We can ship anywhere in the USA. 

Custom printing and embroidery on clothing

Fully Promoted Westminster offers you to purchase all kinds of apparel from us. Once you have picked the right apparel, we can get different types of printing and embroidery on it. 

At fully promoted Westminster, we believe in telling our clients all kinds of associated costs upfront in a transparent way. We hate giving a low price, in the beginning, to get the client in and then increase it further later on. Unknowns can happen with your particular logo that we only discover, later on, however, we try to be fully transparent upfront on minimums, setup cost, graphics design cart (if the picture you provide is not in vector art), sample cost etc. 

Check out our FAQ page to get answers to some of the common questions asked to us. 

Disclaimer: Our prices can change anytime without any prior notice as cost of the material is not in our control. so for the latest and most accurate estimate, please call our sales agent at 303-410-0005 or fill out the contact form on our website: https://fullypromoted.com/locations/westminster-co/

Prices for Screen Printing

This is a very old and well-known method of printing on clothing. We need to create a screen for each color in your logo. If you have 5 color logo, we have to crate 5 screens. This screen creation process is one time only. Therefore first time we will charge you a one-time setup cost for each color which is around $30-40. Minimum items for this printing have to be 12 due to the labor involved in creating and printing different screens. After setup cost is taken care, actual printing with screen printing is relatively lower compared to Embroidery or other forms of printing. 

12 high-quality soft T-shirts imprinted with 2 color logo
 Total Budget required ~ $100 ; First time only setup cost (additional): $65
The actual price for the shirt you select might be a bit more or less depending upon the type of shirt you select or the type of logo you have. 

(above picture is screen printed logo of Federal Heights Fire Rescue department done at Fully Promoted Westminster)

Prices for Direct to Garment Printing (DTG)

This is the latest printing technique where the garment runs through a very expensive (20-$30k) printer. Quality is great as ink is absorbed in the fabric (for light color garments) and you don't feel an extra layer of ink on top of the fabric. For dark garments though, we have to put an underlayer of white ink to make your logo come pop over dark colors (this is similar to screen printing). Prices can be a little higher than screen printing however big advantage is that you don't have to pay for the screens, your minimums will be lower too and the best part is that you can print any color you like. You can even have 50 colors in your logo and the cost will be the same. We currently only do DTG on light color garments such as light gray, white, light blue, light pink, etc. 

5 high-quality light gray t-shirts printed with 5 color logo
Total Budget Required: $60-70

(above picture is a direct to garment printed T-Shirt with our own created design at Fully Promoted Westminster)

Prices for HeatFX Printing: 

We can print any color you like, on any color garment. This technique will leave a layer of Vinyl type material on top of the fabric. Imprint will last many washes. Big advantage is lower minimum and no screen setup cost. This technique is equally good for both light and dark color garments. No additional layer is required for dark garments. The colors come really good. There is no limit on colors without any additional cost. 

5 high-quality T-Shirt printed with 5 color logo
Total Budget required: $70-80

(the above picture shows heatfx printing of a local business done on a blue polyester shirt. We also printed this Mug at Fully Promoted Weminster)

Prices for Vinyl Printing: 

This method prints only single color on any color garment. For simpler logos, we can add multiple colors but labor goes up and so the cost of the product for you. The garment with Vinyl printing lasts many washes. This method is also good for lower quantity and no screen cost required. This method is good for a certain type of logos only. If a logo has smaller details, this might be a good method. 

5 high-quality Tshirt sprinting with 1 color logo
Total Budget required: $60-70

(Above picture shows a vinyl that we printed on a cotton shirt - Done at Fully Promoted Westminster)

Cost of Embroidery

Embroidery is a great method due to the 3D look of it and it lasts much longer than print as logo is stitched with additional threads. Almost every printing (no matter how good it is) will eventually crack or fade or both. Embroidery is good for little heavier fabric such as polo, jackets, hats etc. A lighter t-shirt might not be the right fit for this. When you are doing Embroidery of your logo the very first time, you need to be aware of the setup cost that has 2 components

One time only Setup Cost for Embroidery: 

  1. Conversion of a logo art file into an Embroidery format file: Commercial embroidery machines only take this format which has all the stitch information. The software used to create this format is very expensive and most of the embroiders use separate vendors for digitization.
  2. Selection of correct thread colors and creating a sample sew-out: Our embroidery machines have 12-15 needles that are fed different color threads. There exists various shades of each color thread. Embroidery is different than print. A matching of the right thread color might need several iterations. This takes time, money, and effort. Hence higher setup costs. 

Considering both above factors, our one-time setup cost for embroidery is higher ($95-120) - depending upon your logo. 
Stitch count is also an important factor in Embroidery. Typically left chest logos are within 5000 stitches. If the stitch count goes higher, the cost per garment will go up slightly. 

Let's use the same T-shirt to get an idea of embroidery cost

5 T-Shirts with Multi color Logo on left chest (size around 3x3 square inches)
Total Budget Required : $75, First time setup cost (digitization+sample sew-out): $95

(above picture shows embroidered logo of Westminster Police Departement on a polo - done by Fully Promoted Westminster)
You have seen that even with an Embroidery, total cost is no where close to that of an Advertisement on newspaper, TV or radio. So if you are a painter, for $15 you can wear a T-shirt with your logo, website, or phone number at the back of the shirt, and as you walk around King Sooper or Wall Mart, others can read it and save your details - A walking advertisement that never expires :-)

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