Fully Promoted Southwest, KS

Meet The Team

Fully Promoted has a world class team supporting all locations worldwide. As a part of the Business Retail Division of United Franchise Group, there are many individuals with years of experience in the franchising world available to provide knowledge and resources to all Fully Promoted Stores.

Here is a snapshot of our powerhouse Executive Team for Fully Promoted:

Kimberly Unruh

Head Coach

Greetings and Welcome to all who enter here! I would like to introduce myself as "Kim". My journey began in 2004 after discovering the EmbroidMe franchise and deciding to embark on the pursuit of an American dream of owning my own business. Together with my husband, Gavin, we opened the doors in January. You'll find me a high enery; highly motivated; blessed beyond my deserving and passionate about great customer service. All this to say that we could not be where we are without the hardworking people who stand beside us everyday...we call them employees...we consider them family. As we enter our 16th year we are now becoming Fully Promoted Powered by EmbroidMe, a re-branding that will also include more value to what we provide for you. We encourage you to give us a try. Let us show you how we can get you promoted with the best of what's new or the best of what's tried and true!

Gavin Unruh

#1 Team Player/Sometimes Boss

Gavin is very good at many things here but perhaps most valued for his mechanical skills! And if you need hats, as most of our customers do - he has worn a few in his day and he can assist you! You may not find him here all the time but you can always make an appointment if you want to meet with him. Just so you know, he did not lose his hair from this business and he did not lose it because he is married to me!

Jenny Neri

#1 Star Player

Meet Jenny. She is the example of what a dream employee looks like. Not bad right? From her beginnings at EmbroidMe she has jumped on board ready to learn and ready to serve our customers. They love her and you will too! With nothing but professionalism and the ability to listen she takes care of business. She can do it all. In her 7th year she knows how to show you what will help promote you!

Jorge Garcia

Production Manager

Although Jorge is a man of few or no words. He gets the job done. When he joined our team he had zero knowledge of this industry and has the ability to take on any task put before him! He does not like to make mistakes and works very hard to make sure that mistakes do not happen. He is also a graphic designer and has used his talents to create what our customers really like!

Gregoria Neri

Production Assistant & Life Saver

Goya is the one who makes sure the finishing touches are put on our orders going out the door. She also waits on our customers with a smile and is always ready to help. She sees what needs to be done and she gets right to it. Truly a needed member of our team!

Diane Keller

Client Account Specialist

Diane has a number of years of experience including owning her own promotional company at one time. She will assist you with ideas and information for all your promotional needs.


Chief Hugger

If you find this guy hanging around be sure that he will gently rise up to give you a hug (or sometimes not so gently - depending on the person!) He will work to keep things in order, i.e. thread cones, cardboard boxes, plastic sacks, etc. All items he finds easy to move with his mouth. Fun to see just how many dog lovers walk through our doors! He makes you smile with his sweet loving nature! He's OUR Huckleberry!