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Many tradeshows require quite an expense, even just to register and travel. You need to make the most of your opportunity – that’s why you can’t afford to skimp on your display and signage. After all, the point of exhibiting is to network and grow your business or organization. You need to turn heads, attract attention and booth traffic and boost your brand. Pick the right tradeshow displays and signage and you’ll accomplish all of that, plus get measurable ROI on your investment.

 Branded Signage: Table Covers, Pop-Ups, Flags, Inflatables and Banners

It may seem simple, but a table cover is an absolute must to make your booth area look professional. They’re also very economical and easy to both transport and set up. Take careful consideration of colors. Super light colors aren’t a good pick for outdoor shows. Neon pinks, yellows and greens can sometimes be difficult for people to look at. Pick a pleasant but bold color that ties into your brand to be sure you’re noticed for the right reasons.

Pop-up canopy displays will make your business stand out, and there are many different types and sizes. These small pop-up tents have a lot of real estate, so you can show more than just your logo. Add some bright colors, your tagline and great imagery. Inside the shelter, don’t overlook a quality tradeshow backdrop. It isn’t just about branding, but it becomes a powerful marketing tool. 

To really make a splash, consider inflatable tubes or arches. They work both inside or outside and remember, bigger is better, so talk to the tradeshow organizer before the event to make sure you meet the guidelines – and go as big as they’ll allow. Tradeshows are full of signs and banners, but the messaging is what makes them different. Go an extra step by including more than your logo: consider adding a special offer. This becomes an excellent conversation starter, and then you can qualify visitors before they leave the tradeshow.

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