Fully Promoted San Diego (Central), CA

Meet The Team

Fully Promoted San Diego is a woman owned, local small business with an A+ rating from the BBB. Just like most of our customers, we are an independently owned and operated local business. We are also members of a franchise, which means our customers benefit from larger group buying power and access to a pool of national and international expertise that smaller operators don't have. We love having a franchise office that keeps us up to date with the latest trends in our industry! This frees us to spend our time focusing on you, our customer. Here are some faces you might encounter when working with our store:

Jack Newman

Customer Relations

Jack's smiling face is usually your first point of interaction with our team. Always cheerful, his mission is to make the ordering process easy and keep communications flowing. Whatever you need, just ask. Jack will 'get 'er done' and you'll be smiling too.

Jon Bradley

Promotional Guru

Need just the right hat, shirt, or promotional product to suit your needs? Jon is our go-to guy for sourcing challenges. A wizard on the keyboard, and master of the showroom, he really knows his stuff. Jon has a knack for sorting through all the many possibilities to find the items that are 'just right' for each customer.

Cam Schultz

Chief Evangelist

Cam Schultz is a serial entrepreneur, and has owned and operated Fully Promoted San Diego since 2006. You may have met Cam at a Chamber of Commerce or other networking event. She likes to spread the word about what we do, and what our capabilities are. Her favorite part of her job is strategizing on the types of products that provide best value for each unique business situation.