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Custom Embroidery in Torrance CA for Apparel, the EmbroidMe Way

With around 20 years of embroidery experience in the promotional products industry resulting from our roots starting as EmbroidMe, Fully Promoted is uniquely qualified as a leading expert in all aspects of the custom embroidery business in Torrance CA. And there are many options when it comes to custom-embroidered promotional items. Think of all the things people use every day that can be embroidered: towels, work shirts, service wear, jackets, backpacks, hats, blankets, lunch boxes, workout wear, and even golf towels. Embroidered jackets and outerwear currently score highest on the brand awareness impact meter with a whopping average of 6,100 impressions PER jacket.

A Variety of Custom-Embroidered Bags

Custom-embroidered bags, whether a canvas tote, laptop, tablet, or duffel, look very impressive when branded with a logo and tagline. An embroidered bag is not only a great promotional item for the medical/dental, educational, and finance industries, but it will last and continue to promote a company for the entire lifespan of the bag. Backpacks are also very attractive and are great marketing tools since so many people carry them on their commutes to school or work.

Custom Torrance CA Embroidery for Team Gear

Many people are into some type of team sport or athletic activity. Whether on a softball, soccer, golf, or flag football team, custom-embroidered hats and shirts are a must to keep the team looking sharp. During a tournament or picnic, golf towels or wristbands emblazoned with a logo from your local Fully Promoted embroidery business in Torrance CA could be handed out to the crowd to give the company name even more attention. Nobody wants to be on a team with cheap shirts that are uncomfortable where the iron-on decals start to crack and fade after a couple of washes. Schools can show their competitors that they mean business on and off the field with the many options for polos, jerseys, and everyday activewear that can be embroidered with a logo.

Seasonal Custom-Embroidered Products in Torrance CA

As the seasons change, having custom-embroidered beach towels, stadium blankets, hats, and jackets available to give away to employees and customers keeps a brand top of mind. Embroidered towels and blankets are attractive and do not fade after each wash. Customers, clients, and others love to get free things, especially if they just finished making a deal with a company. Having a seasonal stock of embroidered items can show gratitude to the special people who mean the most to a business.

Custom embroidery requires special skills. With our history earned from two decades powered by EmbroidMe, your local Fully Promoted embroidery shop in Torrance CA can provide you with the best quality and cost-effective promotional products to enhance and advertise your business.

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