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Reverse Laser Applique

Create intricate designs with reverse appliques. Fully Promoted of Morristown can help create your vision using our Reverse Appliqué technology.

Reverse Appliqué is a technique that involves placing a piece of fabric on the inside of another fabric. The two are stitched together in your chosen design, the top layer of fabric is cut away with the laser along the inside of the stitching, exposing the second fabric underneath. It's similar to regular applique; the difference is that the applique accent fabric is behind the cutout, revealing fun fabric choices through a small cut "window." The most popular fabrics used for this technique are thermal fabric, t-shirt fabric and sweatshirt fabric. 

At Fully Promoted (formerly EmbroidMe) of Morristown, we utilize laser cutting technology to aid in the precision needed to get the best possible results for your product. 

Benefits of Fully Promoted (formerly EmbroidMe) of Morristown, NJ Reverse Laser Appliqué


-Exceptional detail and accuracy

-Intricate, layered designs

-Fashion-forward appeal 

-Unlimited design potential

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