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Laser Etched Apparel

Stand out from the crowd with laser etching. Get a bold logo with no added material from the help of our laser etching service. Laser etch stands alone as the one decoration method that removes something from a garment rather than applying to it. This is an excellent choice for performance polos. In this technique, we use a laser to burn away a bit of the fabric to create a tone-on-tone decoration. With laser technology, the top layer of a garment is burned slightly, creating a precise, tonal design, which makes this process ideal for one color artwork. 

This decoration method gives you more options when selecting your logo size and location. It works great in typical locations as well as areas that are difficult, such as seams, pockets and plackets. Laser etching on fleece, polyester and micro-suede items burns the top layer of the fabric resulting in a darker, tonal mark on the garment. The tone of the mark will vary based on the color of the fabric. Laser decoration works best on items of medium shade since materials become darker when etched. One exception is fleece material - the laser, used on dark-colored fleece, will create a textured look and feel. Poly polo's, micro-fleece, performance fleece and soft-shell bonded jackets work best with laser etching. On 100% cotton t-shirts and denim products, the laser removes the pigment dyes, leaving a unique, washed-out look.

Benefits of Fully Promoted of Morristown, NJ Laser Etching:

-Adds nothing to the garment

-Uses no backing, perfect for today’s performance fabrics

-Contemporary tone-on-tone style of decoration

-High perceived value that makes a lasting impression

-Logos can be embellished in unique locations because no hooping is required

-Can be used to decorate garment by itself or in conjunction with other decoration processes for multimedia designs

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