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Distressed Laser Applique

Distressed Appliqué offers customers a variety of applications, including the distressed look made popular by major fashion retailers such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Gap and more. Distressed Appliqué is a unique cutting pattern performed by a special fabric laser which causes the material to "purposely" fray and fall apart, offering a look more vintage, imperfect, worn, faded and washed out. With laser appliqué, we can create unique and custom designs. 

Fully Promoted (EmbroidMe of Morristown, NJ) of Morristown, NJ's cutting-edge laser technology allows us to achieve all the trendiest looks for applique’ out there. It also makes the traditional applique’ easier and more affordable while expanding the possibilities to include a variety of other techniques that can be fashioned to custom designs. This technique allows customers to use multiple fabrics or mediums to make a bold statement at an affordable price For this retro look, the best choices are felt, cotton twill, fleece, and T-shirt jersey. 

Benefits of our Laser Distressed Applique’

-Exceptional detail and accuracy

-Adds a worn, vintage look to your designs

-Intricate, layered designs

-Fashion-forward retail look

-Unlimited design potential

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