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Why Promotional Products Make Sense for Grand Rapids Businesses

They go by many names, like swag or giveaways, but branded promotional products can be a wide array of useful items that are imprinted with your company’s logo or message as a way to advertise your Kent County business. Their popularity in the Grand Rapids area can’t be denied – people love receiving free stuff! The average household owns 30 promotional products and 85% of people remember the advertiser on the promotional items they receive – think about how easy that makes keeping your Grand Rapids business top of mind. Additionally, people are 2.5 times as likely to have a positive opinion about promotional products compared to Internet advertising. Make sure you are incorporating promotional products into your West Michigan business’s marketing plan.

Promotional products can be used to brand businesses of all types in the Grand Rapids area including doctor’s offices, hospitals, dental practices, construction firms, home services companies, gyms, hotels, car dealerships, non-profits, schools and colleges, insurance companies, banks, and real estate agencies. There really is no limit to the types of businesses that can benefit from branded promotional products that can connect the business with a specific target audience.

Selecting the Best Promotional Products for Businesses in West Michigan

When choosing what type of product is the best to promote your Grand Rapids business, consider your audience. You most likely serve residents located anywhere from East Grand Rapids to Downtown. Knowing which products are popular in your specific area is essential to your success. 

Grand Rapids’ Most Popular Promotional Products

  • Outerwear – One of the most popular promotional products in Grand Rapids is outerwear – for obvious reasons considering our climate. From fleece jackets to hooded sweatshirts, consumers find promotional outerwear very useful in our area with the average consumer keeping promotional sweatshirts for 16 months and garnering over 6,000 views. 
  • Calendars – Promotional calendars are also very popular, with 4 out of every 10 local residents sharing they own one. The best part about promotional calendars is that they are commonly kept for the full year. Every time a consumer goes to check their calendar, they will see your brand.
  • Health and Safety Products – Did you know about 42% of Michigan consumers own health and safety promotional products? Out of all 50 US states, consumers in Michigan are most likely to own promotional health and safety items.  

How to Use Promotional Products Effectively in Grand Rapids

Selecting the right promotional products for your Grand Rapids business is the first step but it’s also important to consider how to use the promotional items. We recommend taking any opportunity you get to put them in your customers’ hands – local Grand Rapids events are a prime time for giving these out – charity races, pep rallies, sales conferences, tradeshows, wellness programs, grand openings, etc. Promotional products are also commonly given out to customers or patients during appointments. 

Whether you are located in Kent, Ionia, Montcalm, or Ottawa Counties, you will want a local West Michigan expert to help hone in on the right products for your business or event. Visit us here at Fully Promoted Grand Rapids or shop online – tell us about your business and goals, and we’ll match you with the best promotional products for your brand.

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Promotional Products