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Custom Tote Bags for All Occasions

With the average number of impressions reaching 3,300 in their lifetime, bags are a proven marketing tool that can be used to lift awareness of a brand’s name and logo. Tote Bags can be customized for gyms, yoga classes, group events, giveaways, corporate functions, fund-raising or for any occasion. Clients will find them convenient for toting large items such as computers, groceries, beach supplies, clothes or other bulk items. For maximum promotion effectiveness, logoed tote bags can be customized with any design and are also eco-friendly. In an active society where everyone is always on the move, tote bags are an effective and useful giveaway idea to keep people organized and prepared in their busy lives.

Custom Tote Bags at Trade shows to Expose Your Brand         

Trade shows are a great way to network with potential new clients and expose a brand. An eco-friendly tote bag with a brand logo can present that brand to hundreds of people at the show and beyond since promotional bags are kept an average of 11 months. With hundreds of styles available such as cooler totes, canvas totes, shoulder totes and more, Fully Promoted are experts in finding the precise match to best represent a brand.

Free Advertising – Custom Tote Bags at Giveaways

Custom tote bags are always well received and appreciated promotional items. They can conveniently tote many branded items like flyers, brochures or samples and afterwards people can enjoy them at their leisure. Many people like reusing branded totes for outings at the beach, grocery shopping or just because they like others to know the brands they enjoy. Each place this tote is taken with branding, it enhances the brand exposure. The more custom tote bags that are given away, the more advertising is received.

Appreciate Employees at Corporate Functions

Custom tote bags are perfect items for corporate events such as team-building events, company picnics or company contests. Employees always enjoy getting praise from their employer, and giving custom tote bags to employees is a thoughtful gift idea. They can be designed in corporate color schemes and embroidered with monogram letters or logos. It is a great way to let an employee know that they are appreciated and unlike a trophy, they can use it again and again.


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