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Promotional Products Are a Cost-Effective Form of Advertising

Promotional products, also known by many as giveaways or swag are an effective form of advertising and offer a great return on your investment. If your Clovis area business is looking for unique ways to stand out against the competition, it’s time to consider adding branded promotional products to your marketing tactics. Promotional products are popular because they offer endless possibilities for branding. 81% of the population will hold on to branded promotional items for more than one year making any investment in these items a wise investment. Of those who receive promotional products, 85% of them actively remember the name and logo of the business that is advertised on the item. The truth is, consumers love receiving gifts from brands they like and believe in so branded promotional products are always a win for your San Joaquin Valley business. 

What could a promotional product look like for your Clovis, CA business? 

Clovis’ economy is mainly supported by agriculture, military, and railroad – but still has an array of diverse industries like aviation, manufacturing, renewable energy, and customer support. With agriculture making up 20% of the workforce in the area, you can choose to see that as a large number of agricultural employees who might reuse coffee tumblers, water bottles, and hats from your business. There is also the option to brand eco-friendly products like reusable silverware or stainless steel straws. Do you own a cattle or poultry farm? Perhaps you can introduce safety incentives in the form of branded outerwear for your staff to use on the job and on their own time – showing your brand off to a wider audience. The possibilities are endless when you think beyond a pen with a logo on it.

As a business owner, you know your audience best. What would your customer base like to use more than anything? How old are they? The median age in Clovis is 34.1 years old. This means the answer is likely millennials and young families. That crowd will likely appreciate and reuse electronic accessories and apparel. While Gen Z cares deeply about environmentally friendly products that send a message that your business is concerned about protecting the environment. Your choice should focus on what will be used most often by your audience, providing your Fresno business with the most impressions. Is the answer to that question jackets, umbrellas, or notepads? 

With all the options available for branded promotional products, we understand it can be overwhelming. If you need help deciding, our local team at Fully Promoted Fresno can assist you. We’ll take the time to understand your business, your marketing goals, and your budget to make the best recommendations for incorporating promotional products in your Fresno business’s future marketing campaigns.

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