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Custom Embroidery from the Embroidery Experts at Fully Promoted Fresno

Personalization can go so much further than your logo on a baseball cap or tumbler. As a business owner, you have the opportunity to decide how you’d like to personalize your products. The promotional item, as well as the style of personalization, can speak to the personality of your business. In some cases, custom embroidery is the answer. Fully Promoted Fresno, located in the heart of Clovis, has the tools needed to make it happen. With over 20 years of embroidery experience resulting from our company’s roots as EmbroidMe, Fully Promoted Fresno is uniquely qualified as a leading expert in all aspects of embroidery. 

Are you a faculty member at the Institute of Technology at Fresno or another San Joaquin Valley school? Students often collect canvas totes for groceries, class books, thrifting, or weekend activities Why not try embroidering a laptop case or duffel bag for a student giveaway of some sort. The same goes for school team uniforms – from football and baseball to dance, chess, or band. The embroidering of caps, shirts, shorts, even socks, and equipment bags is an excellent way to create a uniform look across all members of the team. Don’t forget about your coaches, faculty moderators, and fans – they need team gear too! Logoed polo shirts, sweatshirts, and more send a clear message of unity and quality.

The housing market in Clovis has been buzzing. Real estate is an industry that is constantly growing. As an agent or lender looking for exposure, consider putting your business card, informational brochures, and pamphlets inside of a small embroidered tote bag. This is an easy, yet productive, promotional item bound to provide some immediate return on investment (ROI) – if not from the interested seller or buyer, through exposure and word of mouth. 

The same can go for any Fresno small business, regardless of the industry looking to create a marketing opportunity to generate buzz – i.e., house cleaning service, plumber, mobile car wash, beauty salon, restaurant or café, etc. If your business is really focused on growing its social media reach, how about gifting your 1,000th follower on Instagram with a branded backpack, beach towel, stadium blanket, or hoodie? Embroidered uniforms for your employees send a message of professionalism and that quality matters to your San Joaquin Valley business.

Embroidery speaks to the unique style of your business and therefore, it is often the best option for your promotional products or uniforms. With more than 20 years of embroidery experience, our team is skilled and has learned how to ensure our customers always receive quality embroidered items. Whether you are sure what you would like to create for your Fresno business or you need some guidance, the in-house, local embroidery experts at Fully Promoted Fresno are ready to help face-to-face and show you some samples. Or, if you prefer, you can shop online 24/7.

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