Fully Promoted Durham, NC

Meet The Team

Fully Promoted has a world class team supporting all locations worldwide. As a part of the Business Retail Division of United Franchise Group, there are many individuals with years of experience in the franchising world available to provide knowledge and resources to all Fully Promoted Stores.

Here is a snapshot of our powerhouse Executive Team for Fully Promoted:

Janice Tieu

Graphic Designer

Janice started off her career in the photography and videography industry while dabbling in the print industry. She started with offset printing and later became a screen printer for 5 years before making the jump into the graphic design world. With her background in print, she has been trained to design for print and preflights designs as she goes. Outside designing, she enjoys spending time with her dogs and cat, and watercolor painting.

Jeff Ward


Jeff is a Durham native. He has also been in real estate for 20 years. He enjoys sports, watching his daughter play soccer and fishing with his son.

Susan Salier-Ward


Owning and operating a family business has really opened up a whole different world for Susan. She really enjoys working on projects with clients and providing them with promotional, marketing products or screen printed, embroidered apparel. She has lived in North Carolina since 1999. She is a former exceptional children's elementary school teacher. She has a daughter and a son. When she's not working she enjoys watching her daughter play soccer, fishing her son, walking her two dogs, and playing on a kickball team.