Fully Promoted Cleveland (West), OH

Meet The Team

Fully Promoted has a world class team supporting all locations worldwide. As a part of the Business Retail Division of United Franchise Group, there are many individuals with years of experience in the franchising world available to provide knowledge and resources to all Fully Promoted Stores.

Here is a snapshot of our powerhouse Executive Team for Fully Promoted:

Michael Colabianchi

Customer Engagement Manager

Michael is our newest member and is responsible for engaging new clients for Fully Promoted Cleveland . Michael enjoys meeting new people and building lasting relationships. In addition to this, he likes connecting customers to products that fit their needs and make them happy. Finally, Michael is passionate about Cleveland sports.

Jacklyn Anderson

Production Artist

I am the Production Artist here at Fully Promoted, and every day at work for me is enjoyable! From embroidery to small graphic design projects; there's never a boring day here at Fully Promoted!

Cristina Bertero

Vice President

So proud to be part of our team, helping our amazing clients grow their businesses while enhancing their branding. Oh, and I love to have fun and chat a lot!

Fernando Bertero


I'm here to help your company get more customers while having fun, growing our businesses and supporting our communities.