Fully Promoted Arbutus, MD

Meet The Team

Fully Promoted has a world class team supporting all locations worldwide. As a part of the Business Retail Division of United Franchise Group, there are many individuals with years of experience in the franchising world available to provide knowledge and resources to all Fully Promoted Stores.

Here is a snapshot of our powerhouse Executive Team for Fully Promoted:

Maude Swearingen


I like to help people create awesome branded goodness, for their business club or organization. How can I help you?

Dan Swearingen


Dan works hard at "making things work!" Both for customers and around the store. He works with Maude on business development and marketing, and with the production staff keeping things running smoothly in-house. When he's outside the store, Dan can be seen as our representative in our local chambers of commerce and at networking events. He's the one asking: "Are YOU Fully Promoted?"

Nick Swearingen

Embroidery Specialist, All- Around Shop Worker & Handyman

Son of the owners who hopes to one day take over the business. Has been working with the company on and off for around 6 years.

Kathryn Norton

Screen Printer

I run the screen printing area from making/imaging screens to printing the product with the given art, bringing the art to life. I am 28 years old. I am married and a Ravens fan from Baltimore, who strives for nothing less than excellence.