Why is workplace safety important?

Workplace safety is important for many reasons. First and foremost, by proactively making workplace safety a priority, businesses can prevent workplace injuries and tragedies. Though workplace casualties may seem rare, they do happen. It is crucial for employees to feel safe and protected as well. Lastly, by implementing workplace safety protocols and initiatives, businesses can also prevent workplace injuries and workman’s compensation claims. 

Preventing Tragedies

Workplace tragedies such as accidents, injuries, and deaths can devastate any community. Did you know that about 15 workplace deaths and nearly 12,900 work injuries occur each day? Most workplace accidents are preventable, as the leading causes of workplace accidents are overexertion injuries, slips, falls, and falling objects. 

Employee Well-Being and Trust

No employee wants to work in a dangerous, careless, or stressful environment. From creating awareness of risks to providing employees with the tools they need to stay safe; companies must create a safe and caring work environment. It is important to note that a safe work environment goes beyond ensuring there are no physical threats. Mental illness, low self-esteem, and damaged relationships can be dangerous in the workplace as well. Employees need to have access to resources that ensure their mental, emotional, and interpersonal well-being and physical wellness. 

Smart Business Practice 

From improving employee morale to increasing productivity, there are many reasons businesses should prioritize workplace safety. Annually, workplace injuries lead to more than $170 billion in expenses. Did you know that workplaces that successfully implement workplace safety protocols and health management systems save 20-40% in injury and illness-related costs? Workers' compensation, damage to equipment, high turnover, and related rehiring costs can take a toll on any company's budget. Consistent enforcement of proper safety protocols is smart business.  

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