Why is an employee recognition program so important?

Retaining great employees is the primary goal of all employee recognition programs. The most effective ones also boost staff morale which results in increased productivity overall. Employee recognition programs also motivate employees to engage with the business’s brand, which makes them even more successful brand ambassadors with customers and potential customers.

Businesses that deploy a thoughtful and strategic employee recognition program have found that they have a 71% higher staff engagement level than those companies without this type of program. They have seen that increased employee engagement means increased employee productivity and greater job satisfaction among staff in general. Voluntary employee turnover rates are also positively affected by effective employee retention programs. Companies that have a meaningful employee recognition plan have 31% less voluntary turnover than ones without such a program, according to a study conducted by Bersin & Associates. Less employee turnover means better customer service and cost savings.

Many companies have found that their employee recognition programs are enhanced when they include branded promotional items as part of the rewards they provide. These often include a wide variety of items from embroidered apparel and hats to branded drinkware, wireless chargers, plaques, tote bags, and much more.

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