Why do companies need uniforms?

Companies large and small and in countless industries have had to consider uniforms for their employees at one point or another. For most businesses that have given it some thought, it becomes an easy decision as the reasons for company uniforms are hard to argue against.

1.      Safety
Whether your employees work indoors or outdoors, uniforms are more than just advertising and appearance, and they can keep your employees safe. Employees who work alongside the road need high visibility attire to keep them from getting hit by cars. In restaurants, aprons and other uniform pieces can be distinguished by individual food stations or areas within the restaurant to prevent cross-contamination. Even something as simple as providing your employees with short sleeve tops can prevent clothing from getting caught in equipment.  

2.      Brand awareness

Businesses invest a great deal in their storefronts to ensure that the environment communicates one cohesive brand identity. When employees wear clothing that does not match or does not fit that brand identity, it can take away from that cohesion. 

3.      Improves Customer Service and Employee Performance

By asking employees to wear a company uniform, you do not just maintain consistency with your brand, you also help employees feel like a part of your business. When employees feel like they are a part of your business, they are more likely to perform better. Better employee performance is always a benefit.

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