What is the best food to send as a corporate gift?

There are many delicious options designed to send the right message to your audience when it comes to corporate gifting. Whether you want to thank clients for their business, recognize employees' hard work, or build ties with other companies, promotional food and snack gifts are an excellent option. Not sure which is the best option? 

Consider these ideas to help you select the best promotional food option to send as a corporate gift.

Individually wrapped options

Looking for something to pass out at an upcoming event? Or do you have several names on your gift list? A great gift option for large quantities is individually wrapped promotional snacks in the form of billboard packs, gift bags, or pillow packs. Stand out at your next trade show with logoed chocolates, or celebrate a special occasion with the entire warehouse with customized cookies. Individually wrapped food and corporate snack gifts can include savory items as well such as cheese and cracker sets, nuts, popcorn, and much more.

Gourmet gifts

Whether recognizing an employee's promotion or thanking an important client, special occasions call for a remarkable and memorable corporate gift. A great way to acknowledge a special occasion such as an achievement or personal milestone is with promotional gourmet food gifts. Gourmet meats, cheeses, chocolates, and other special food and beverage items are all well-received gifts that anyone will appreciate. 

Promotional gift sets

Make your tasty corporate gift even more enjoyable with a gift set. Gifting promotional food and snack items can easily be paired with accompanying products such as customized drinkware or apparel. Treat a coffee lover to aromatic coffee paired with a customized travel mug, or pair gourmet popcorn with delectable truffles for a movie night. Promotional food gift sets make for endless corporate gifting possibilities.

To ensure your corporate food gifts are ready to send out without shipping or manufacturing delays during the holidays and end of year rush, we advise orders be placed several months in advance.

The key to food and snack corporate gifting is knowing how to select the right products. Your local Fully Promoted team can help you create memorable gifts for your clients, employees, and more. We offer a variety of options for any occasion. Call us today or shop online 24/7

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