What is school swag?

92% of school principals believe school spirit is tied to increased student achievement, and students end up being happier, more confident, and more likely to be leaders. Needless to say, supporting school spirit in your school is critical to the success of your students. This leaves many administrators wondering; how can I boost school spirit at my school? The answer may surprise you – school swag. School swag items come in many forms, however, their purpose is clear – to increase school spirit and promote your school brand within your school community and abroad. 

Not sure which items make good school swag? Consider these tried-and-true recommendations for school swag.

·         Logoed school apparel

What better way to show off school pride than to be dressed in school apparel? Additionally, logoed outerwear and accessories help any school ensure uniform adherence by offering the following:

o   T-shirts

o   Sweatshirts and jackets

o   Customized socks

o   Hair accessories

o   Branded baseball caps 

·         Branded game day gear

Game day gear is fun and easy to giveaway to students at school games, recruiting events, and open houses. It makes for fun school swag perfect for cheering on your team or promoting your school brand: 

o   Mini footballs

o   Foam fingers and clappers

o   Sunglasses

o   Team hand towels 

o   Stadium blankets

·         Personalized tech accessories

Students and teachers alike love receiving useful tech gifts. You’ll find any of the following items to be received well and used often:

o   USB devices

o   Wireless earbuds

o   Power banks

o   Bluetooth speakers

o   Customized phone case

·         Logoed school supplies 

Whether giving out back-to-school swagger sets or school care packages for testing season, there are many ways you can equip students with school-branded supplies to ensure their readiness: 

o   Pens and pencils

o   Highlighters

o   Binders and folders

o   Backpacks

o   Notebooks

·         Customized gifts and rewards

School swag is also an excellent way to incentivize students and even staff throughout the year. From providing honor roll rewards to teacher of the month gifts, you cannot go wrong with any of the following popular items:

o   Awards

o   Water bottles and drinkware

o   School decals and bumper stickers

o   Tote bags and duffel bags

o   Lunchboxes

Improve school spirit in your school community by providing your students with school swag. Not sure which promotional products are best for your school community? Contact your local Fully Promoted for help today! Or, browse our branded products selections online 24/7.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us directly or speak with a local branded products expert near you.