What is custom swag?

Custom swag is any customized promotional product featuring your business’s logo, tagline, and contact information that will not only incentivize employees or clients to want to receive these items from you but also help you promote your company at the same time by increasing the number of eyes that see your logo. These are common items that are seen as helpful, cool, trendy, unique, or simply fun to own. 

In the best cases, the recipients of custom swag feel like they got lucky by receiving the item by using it over and over again for a long time. Selecting practical items for your swag campaign ensures the item is used, shared, passed on, etc. for years. 60% of consumers keep a promotional product for two years.

Research also tells us that 85% of swag recipients do business with the advertiser who gives them the item – this has motivated companies and non-profit groups to select custom swag to give away at trade shows, community events, 5k races, fundraising events, and more. Typically, brands will select swag that fits their branding so grocery stores commonly give away shopping totes while yoga studios and personal trainers love to give away sports towels and reusable water bottles

However, at Fully Promoted, we also understand that your custom swag must fit into your budget, be desirable to your target audience, and work well with your campaigns. Our local promotional product experts are knowledgeable in what works for every industry. A one-on-one consultation will lead to you selecting the custom swag that will work best to grow your brand’s reach. Contact us to get the discussion started or start shopping online today!

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us directly or speak with a local branded products expert near you.