What is college swag?

College swag is any item – from t-shirts or hoodies to pens and coffee mugs – that is branded with a college’s name, logo, mascot, motto, colors, etc. Incredibly popular on college campuses far and wide, college swag makes for a great gift, giveaway, etc. A lot of colleges present students or prospective students with swag bags filled with branded items that are cool and/or useful to college students – the possibilities are endless. 

Consider these college swag ideas with your school’s name, logo, etc.:

·       They’ll need to be ready to cheer for their school’s teams on game day so hoodies, t-shirts, caps, rally towels, cowbells, and more will be well received and very useful. 

·       Late-night study sessions will be more comfortable with a school tumbler, mug, pens, pencils, highlighters, notebooks, book light, and more.

·       Dorm life can be tough but an embroidered blanket with the school’s logo might make it cozier.

·       Every college student will want Bluetooth speakers, earbuds, a power bank, and an extra phone charger to ensure they’re always reachable and able to listen to their favorite music.

·       Hand sanitizer, snacks, candy, a whiteboard, and a lanyard will also be popular with college students without breaking the bank.

Show your college’s students or potential students that you care about them while showcasing what represents your college best with a wide array of branded college swag. 

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