What is an employee recognition program?

An employee recognition program is an important tool used by many Human Resources (HR) Departments to reward and retain high-performing staff. It comprises a series of activities undertaken over a year – and often several years – designed to boost employee morale and show the company’s gratitude for loyalty and a job well done. Employee recognition programs also provide the opportunity for employees to engage with a business’s brand, providing them with further motivation to be enthusiastic brand ambassadors.

Elements of an effective employee recognition program include:

  • Recognition for work anniversaries
  • Recognition of individual accomplishments
  • Recognition of team accomplishments
  • Recognition for company accomplishments

To make employee recognition meaningful to all staff, it should be publicly rewarded, specific regarding what the awards are being given for, consistent, and sincere. To add further meaning and create engagement with the company’s brand at every opportunity, many businesses choose to reward and recognize employees with branded promotional items. These include a wide range of branded gifts from apparel and drinkware to plaques, trophies, and much more.

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